Budget Committee

  1. Welcome and attendance
  2. Briefing by Provincial Treasury on 2017/18 4th Quarter Performance (Financial and Non-financial)
  3. Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee Minutes of a meeting held on 2 May 2018
  4. Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee Annual Activities Report 2017/18
  5. Resolutions/Actions

SC on Community Safety

  1. Briefing by the Western Cape Liquor Authority on an overview of its 2017/18 Quarterly Performance Report as well as the first Quarterly Performance Report of 2018/2019.
  2. Consideration and adoption of the Draft minutes of 6 June 2018 and the Draft Oversight Visit Report to the ShotSpotter facility of 13 June 2018.
  3. Actions/Recommendations


SC Transport and Public Works

  1. Briefing by the Permanent Delegate and National Department of Transport on the National Land Transport Amendment Bill [B 7B–2016] (NCOP)
    1. 1 Discussion on the public participation process to be followed
  1. Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee:
    1. 1  Minutes of 19 June 2018
    2. 2  Annual Report 2017/2018
    3. 3  Programme as at 17 July 2018
  1. Resolutions/Actions