SC Economic Opportunities, Tourism and Agriculture

08h30 – 09h00
1. Welcome
2. Consideration of the Negotiating Mandate on the Plant Improvement Bill [B 8B – 2015](NCOP)(S76)
3. Consideration of the Negotiating Mandate on the Plant Breeders’ Rights Bill [B 11B - 2015](NCOP)(S76)
09h00 – 13h00
4. Briefing by the 12 stakeholders of the Cape Investor Centre on the following:
4.1 The role of each stakeholder within the Cape Investor Centre; and
4.2 Their Service Level Agreements with the Western Cape
5. Resolutions/Actions

SC on Community Safety

  1. Discussion on the appointment of the new term of Governing Body of the Western Cape Liquor Authority;
  2. Consideration and Adoption of the Draft Minutes of 30 August 2017 and the Draft Oversight Report to the Delft SAPS of 13 September 2017;
  3. Actions/Recommendations

Standing Committee on Finance

1. Briefing by Provincial Treasury and the Western Cape Gamblin and Racing Board on their first Quarterly Performance Report for the Period April -June 2017

2. Consideration and adoption of the Committee's Draft Minutes of the meeting that was held on 19 September 2017

3. Resolutions/Actions