SC Environmental Affairs and Development Planning

1.    Briefing by the Department on Environmental Affairs and Development Planning and key District  Municipalities on the   subject of Regional Landfill Sites with a core focus on the Eden District, Kalbaskraal and Atlantis sites with specific reference to the following:
•  Background information
•  Contextualising the projects
•  Challenges experienced to date
•  Implementation plan to ensure that the Eden site becomes operational in 2018
•  Action plan to minimise the increase of tariffs for category B municipalities

SC Transport and Public Works

1.    Discussion of inputs received on the Western Cape Provincial Road Traffic Administration Amendment Bill  [B 3–2017]

2.    Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee:
2.1  Minutes of 24 November 2017
2.2  Quarterly Report (October – December 2017)
2.3  Tracking Document as at 30 January 2018
2.4  Programme as at 30 January 2018

3.    Resolutions/Actions