SC on Community Safety

  1. Briefing by the South African Police Service on its state of readiness for the possibility of Day Zero phase being realised. The briefing to address (a) the SAPS’ plans to maintain public safety across the province should Day Zero be realised, and (b) the plans to ensure that all affected SAPS stations remain fully operational in the event of Day Zero phase including what measures have been taken to ensure that SAPS personnel and its facilities, including jails, will be self-sufficient and operational during the Day Zero phase.

SC Transport and Public Works

1. Briefing by the Department of Transport and Public Works and the George Integrated Public Transport Network’s Vehicle  Operating Company on its:
1.1 Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Social Investment Plan;
1.2 Supply Chain Management Policy;
1.3 Employment Equity plan with specific reference to the representivity of Black, Coloured and Indian woman on management and board level; and
1.4 Audited financial statements
2. Resolutions/Actions