Budget Committee

  1. Welcome and attendance
  2. Briefing by Provincial Treasury on 2018/19 1st  Quarter Performance (Financial and Non-financial)
  3. Briefing by the Financial and Fiscal Commission on the 2019/20 Submissions for the Division of Revenue
  4. Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee Minutes of the meeting held on 20 July 2018
  5. Resolutions/Actions

Cluster B Oversight Visit

Briefing on the future of the Cango Caves as a major tourist attraction for Oudtshoorn and the greater Eden District highlighting:

  1. Current financial performance as well as the financial performance of the past three financial years and the management situation of the Cango Caves;
  2. The role Oudtshoorn Municipality plays in promoting economic development of the caves; and
  3. Challenges to safeguard of the subterranean environment and its natural wonder.

Guided site visit of the Cango Caves

Cluster B Oversight Visit

Briefing by the Department of Transport and Public Works on the Groot Brakrivier road infrastructure upgrade – MR344 (102) with specific reference to the:

  1. Project background
  2. Project development /progress;
  3. Project budget
  4. Challenges experienced to date; and
  5. Creation of work opportunities.

Guided site (road) visit

Cluster B Oversight Visit

Briefing by the Department of Human Settlements and the Mossel Bay Municipality focusing on the:

  1. Sonskyn Vallei 152 IRDP and UISP Housing Project, the 660 units in Phase Two and the commencement of construction in Phase Three;
  2. Measures instituted to determine the credibility of the Housing Demand Database; and
  3. Policy implementation in terms of Housing Business Plans, various housing typologies, housing opportunities for the elderly, child headed households and the disabled.

Guided site visit of the Sonskyn Vallei Housing Project.