SC Transport and Public Works

  1. Consideration and adoption of Draft Negotiating Mandate Report on the National Land Transport Amendment Bill [B 7B–2016] (NCOP)
  2. Consideration and adoption of Draft Final Mandate Report on the Administrative Adjudication of Road  Traffic Offences (Aarto) Amendment Bill [B 38B–2015] (NCOP)
  3. Consideration and adoption of the Draft Committee Minutes of 17 July, 7 August and 8 August 2018
  4. Resolutions/Actions

Standing Committee on Human Settlements

Fact finding visit to the Deeds Office


1. Briefing by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform on: 

1.1 Miantaining, registering and issuing of title deeds to bot the private adn public sector; and

1.2 The turnaround time for the issuing of governement title deeds. 


2. Briefing by the Department of Human Settllements on:

2.1 The status of the title deed backlog; and

2.2 Possible policy amendments to address the title deed backlog


3. Resolutions/Actions