SC Transport and Public Works

1. Briefing by the Department of Transport and Public Works on the state of the taxi industry in the Western Cape with specific reference to progress made in terms of the mediation process currently underway
2. Consideration and adoption of the Draft Committee:
2.1 Quarterly Report (April- June 2018)
2.2 Tracking Document as at 11 September 2018

Standing Committee on Community Development



Please note that a meeting of the above Standing Committee will take place as follows:

Date:                    Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Time:                   17:00 - 20:00

Venue:                 Ukwanda Centre for Rural Health, Auditorium Hall, 1 Durban Street, Worcester



1. Public hearing on the National Health Laboratory Amendment Bill [B 15B-2017] S76 (NCOP)

2. Resolutions/Actions


Standing Committee on Human Settlements

1. Briefing by the City of Cape Town on hte R850 million set aside for the Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme, the R205 million Adjustments Appropriations Emergency Funds received from the Department of Human Settlements and the Expenditure of the Urban Settlements Development Grant in the Western Cape for the Upgrading of Informal Settlements and improvement of services

2.Briefing by the South African Local Governement Association on the outcomes of the Human Settlements Policies and Processes Woking Sesskon convened on 27 July 2018