Budget Committee


  1. Welcome and attendance
  2. Consideration and adoption of the draft Committee Report on the Final Mandate on the Division of Revenue Bill [B2-2018] (NCOP) (S76)
  3. Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee Minutes of the meeting held on 20 April 2018
  4. Resolutions/Actions

Committee meeting

<p>1.&nbsp;Adoption of Minutes</p>

<p>2.&nbsp;Continuation of the induction presentation by the Registrar</p>

<p>3.&nbsp;Resolutions on the interpretation of the Code of Conduct for Members</p>

<p>4.&nbsp;Report on the submission of Disclosure Forms for 2018 by the Registrar</p>

<p>5.&nbsp;Registrars Report</p>

Petitions Committee



  1. The Committee to discuss the information received from the Department of Human Settlement and Langeberg Municipality iro Riemvasmaak Squatter Camp’s petition.


  1. Consideration and adoption of the Draft Minutes of 20 April 2018


  1. Consideration and adoption of the Draft Quarterly Reports January – March 2018