Mr P Uys to ask Ms N Mbombo, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sports:

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  1. Whether the geographical area of Mossel Bay Municipality is served by any of her offices; if so, (a) which offices, and with regard to each of the offices, (b) what services are rendered, (c) the physical address, (d) who is the responsible person at the office, (e) what is the person’s contact details, (f) the budget for the management office and (g) how does the staffing look;
  2. whether any vacancies existed at any of the offices by the latest date mentioned on which information was available, if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) what is the number of vacancies, (b) at which offices are the vacancies and (c) when are the vacancies expected to be filled;


  1.  whether she intends to constrict, terminate or expand any services at the said offices; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) what will the extent of the (i) constriction, (ii) termination or (iii) expansion be and (b) what are the relevant details in this regard?


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  1. The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport has two offices in the geographical area of Mossel Bay, namely;


  1. The Bartolomeu Dias Museum:


  1. The Bartolomeu Dias Museum
  2. Services rendered by the museum include exhibition displays, and public programmes that are educational.
  3. Physical address : 1 Market Street, Mossel Bay 6500
  4. Mr Mbulelo Mrubata (museum manager)
  5. Tel : (044) 691 1067 Fax : (044) 691 1915
  6. The total budget of Bartolomeu Dias Museum is R3 871 535.00 including  personnel
  7. 17 permanent staff are employed within a staffing structure that makes provision for 21 officials


  1. Mossel Bay Regional library:

a)  Mossel Bay regional library

b)  The supply of library material and professional guidance is mainly their service to the Mossel Bay Municipality.

 c)  Prince Vincent building, 86 Bland street, Mossel Bay

 d)  Mrs Elna Gous is the responsible person for the Provincial Library

 e)  Contact detail:   044 - 699 3100

  f)   The budget for staff is:  R761 250,00

 g)  1 Regional Librarian, 2 Library Assistants, 1 Driver, 1 General Worker,  2 interns in 2014/15 financial year



  1. The Bartolomeu Dias Museum:


  1. There is only 1 funded vacancy
  2. Bartolomeu Dias Museum
  3. February 2015


  1. The Mossel Bay Regional library:

a)  There is 1 vacancy

                 b)  Mossel Bay Regional Library

                c)  January 2015



A. The Bartolomeu Dias Museum:


Over the current MTEF period there is R8million committed for the upgrading of facilities and content including new permanent exhibitions and new entrance area and ablution block.


B. The Mossel Bay Regional library:


No constriction, termination or expansion is planned although the offices will move within the next 3 years to a modernised existing departmental building to a different address in Mossel Bay.


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