Premier and Constitutional Matters

The mandate of the Standing Committee on the Premier and Constitutional Matters is to maintain oversight of the relevant Provincial Executive Authority and Public Entities, including the implementation of legislation and to hold them accountable to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, and to consider and report on legislation referred to it by the Speaker.

In fulfilment of its mandate the committee must facilitate public participation and involvement in the legislative and other processes of the committee, conduct its business in a fair, open and transparent manner, and promote co-operative governance.

The Department of the Premier reports to this committee.



Hon Daylin Mitchell (DA)


Hon Ricardo Mackenzie (DA)

Hon Basil Kivedo (DA)

Hon Khaya Magaxa (ANC)

Hon Cameron Dugmore (ANC)

Alternate Members

Hon Lorraine Botha (DA)

Hon Mireille Wenger (DA)

Hon Piet Pretorius (DA)

Hon Dorothea Gopie (ANC)