Hansard is the official report of proceedings in the House. Hansard contains full transcriptions of all speeches, questions, answers, statements, etc. Although regarded as a verbatim report, repetitions and redundancies are omitted and obvious mistakes are corrected.

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PDF icon Sitting 2019-12-03
PDF icon Hansard 28 11 2019 revised and edited.pdf 2019-11-28
PDF icon Sitting 2019-11-26
PDF icon sitting 2019-11-14
PDF icon Sitting 2019-10-03
PDF icon Sitting 2019-09-30
PDF icon Hansard 19 09 2019 revised edited.pdf 2019-09-19
PDF icon Sitting 2019-09-17
PDF icon Sitting 2019-08-22
PDF icon Sittings 2019-08-15
PDF icon Sitting 2019-08-01
PDF icon sitting 2019-07-25
PDF icon Sitting 2019-07-23
PDF icon Sitting 2019-07-18
PDF icon Sitting 2019-03-28
PDF icon Sitting 2019-03-27
PDF icon Sitting 2019-03-26
PDF icon Hansard 22 03 2019 revised and edited.pdf 2019-03-22
PDF icon Sitting 2019-03-05
PDF icon Hansard 26 02 2019 revised and edited.pdf 2019-02-26