Ad Hoc Committee


  1. Opening and Welcome
  2. Briefing by the Research Unit on their report regarding the calculation of the number of seats in legislatures
  3. Briefing by the Legal Unit on national legislation determining the size of legislatures in other provinces
  4. Briefing by Parliamentary Support Services on possible role of the Standing Committee on Premier and Constitutional Matters in support of potential constitutional changes
  5. Matters for discussion (Members will be allowed to add further items for discussion)
  • Should the constitution be changed to reflect a new, fixed number or a formula to determine the number of seats in the WCPP?
  • If the ad hoc committee chooses for a formula, what would the major variables be in such a formula, for example:
  • What would the ideal frequency be to apply this formula?
  • On what variables (population or voter numbers, etc.) should the formula be based?
  • How long before an election should such a calculation be finalised and what entity will be responsible for the calculation and final approval of such a number?
  1. Resolutions/Actions
  2. Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee Minutes of 8 June 2022

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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13:00 - 16:00
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