Congratulations to Pinelands North Primary

Statement by Hon Deidré Baartman: "As Chairperson for the Standing Committee on Education in the Western Cape, I wish to congratulate Pinelands North Primary School on making it to the Top 3 of the World's Best School Prize for Overcoming Adversity.

During an oversight visit in June 2022, the Committee witnessed how Pinelands North had embraced innovation to overcome the adversity it faced. As such it meant that no matter what challenge a learner faced, they would be in an environment that allowed them to prosper.

I further wish to extend congratulations to West End Primary School which was placed in the Top-10 category. The quality education offered by both of these schools have common denominators: a high degree of parent involvement, a positive disciplinary approach (where they instill good values), functional SGBs, excellent leadership from the principals and teachers and a supportive Provincial Department.

With the final vote set to take place on 19 October, I look forward to the outcome being announced and wish Pinelands North all the best!"

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