Opening, SOPA, as well as SOPA debate and reply by the Premier to take place in Mitchells Plain

The official opening of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP), and the Premier’s State of the Province Address (SOPA) will take place on Thursday, 20 February 2020, at the Rocklands Civic Centre in Mitchells Plain at 11:00. The debate on the SOPA, and the Premier’s reply to the debate, will commence on the following day, Friday, 21 February 2020, at 08:00, in the same venue.

“By hosting these events in Mitchells Plain this year we are realising our desire and commitment to connecting with the citizens of the province. Over the next four years we will continue to actively engage with citizens through a series of public engagement initiatives throughout the Western Cape”, says Speaker Masizole Mnqasela.

The State of the Province address will outline the Western Cape Government’s plan for the next year and the WCPP, representing the people of the province, will monitor and oversee the government to ensure that the plan is put into action to benefit the people of the province. Invited guests, including a large number from the community of the Mitchells Plain area, will not only be able to witness first-hand the Premier contracting with the people of the Western Cape but on the next day the robust debate of the Premier’s SOPA by the seven political parties represented in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

In the period leading up to the Official Opening and SOPA, various standing committees of the WCPP will be conducting special oversight visits in the Mitchells Plain area. This will provide the members of these standing committees the opportunity to gain further insight into the challenges facing this community and place them in a better position to oversee the Western Cape Government’s efforts in addressing these problems and holding government to account.

“During the term of the Sixth Parliament of the Western Cape we will continue to make every effort to take parliament closer to the people of the province,” says Speaker Mnqasela.

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