SC on Human Settlements

1. Briefing by the Department of Human Settlements on:

1.1 Strategies implemented to ensure the protection of public land from illegal land occupation

1.2 Systems implemented to ensure that public infrastructure and housing projects are protected from illegal occupation and vandalism

1.3 Delays experienced by the Department to deliver on housing projects and infrastructure projects due to land invasion


2 Briefing by the City of Cape Town, Community Safety, Cultural Affairs and Sport and the South African Police Service on:

2.1 The current state of land invasions in the Western Cape

2.2 The strategies implemented and resources required to protect public land and infrastructure from illegal invasion

2.3 The status of current police investigation into perpetrators behind opportunistic land grabs and the systems put in place to bring criminals to justice

2.4 The proactive measures and structures implemented to cur criminal behaviour such as illegal land occupation and vandalism


3. Consideration and adoption of the Draft Committee Minutes of the meeting that was held on 28 July 2020

4. Consideration and adoption of the Draft Committee Programme

5. Consideration and adoption of the Draft Committee Tracking Document

6. Consideration and adoption of the Draft Committee First Quarterly Report for the period April 2020-June 2020

7. Resolutions/Actions


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Wednesday, September 16, 2020
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