Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment

In the spirit of transparency, Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP) Speaker Masizole Mnqasela wishes to disclose its activities in respect of the purchasing of personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.


The PPE that has been purchased by the WCPP since the start of the lockdown has been both in order to ensure compliance with workplace readiness requirements for employees as well as for the protection of Members of the Provincial Parliament who have been actively engaged in working and providing ongoing support in communities out in their constituencies since the declaration of the National State of Disaster on 15 March 2020 and the national lockdown on 26 March 2020.


PPE items procured included three-layer reusable cloth face masks, hand and surface sanitiser, social distancing markers, disposable gloves and face masks, infrared thermometers, face shields and hands-free sanitiser dispensers. In addition to the PPE procured for officials and Members of the Provincial Parliament, the WCPP has also procured a generous quantity of reusable cloth face masks and bottles of hand sanitiser for distribution in communities across the province.


Altogether 12 businesses have benefitted from this procurement of PPE, with a total cost of R328 814.20. The breakdown is as follows:





Hand sanitiser


R7 500.00

Cloth face masks

Mike's Sports

R34 500.00

Gloves and masks


R1 928.26

Gloves and masks


R8 474.50

Hand sanitiser

Stelmed CC

R3 200.00

Cloth face masks

Mike's Sports

R33 294.00

Social distancing floor decals

Triple Peaks Commodities Pty Ltd

R5 900.00

Cloth face masks

Golfbizniz Cc

R137 500.00

Hand sanitiser

Unlimited Supply Services Uss (Pty) Ltd

R59 350.00

Social distancing carpet decals

Creda Communications

R14 555.50

Hand sanitisers

Val-U-Pac Distributors Pty

R11 250.00

Handheld thermometers

Puresonic Investment Cc

R3 000.00

Hand sanitiser

French Corner Shuttles


Foot-operated dispenser

French Corner Shuttles

R4 900.00

Face shields

Nu Angle Medical (Pty) Ltd


Privacy screen

Western Cape Physio And Medical  Equipment Cc

R2 674.94


R328 814.20


Speaker Mnqasela says: “In keeping with our stellar track record of having achieved seven consecutive clean audits from the Auditor General of South Africa, we have ensured that this procurement has complied with the procurement regulations and requirements prescribed by the Financial Management of Parliament and Provincial Legislatures Act (FMPPLA) and the Accounting Officer’s delegated authority”.

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